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Now there is an easy way for you, a Successful Trader or Broker, to setup your own Hedge Fund to trade FOREX, Stocks, or Commodities where:

1. You are the Hedge Fund Manager
2. You control the Trading strategy
3. You Earn the Management and
     Incentive Fees
4. Certain Hedge Funds are not
    Regulated by the SEC or CFTC.


MyForexFund.com FAQ's:

Q: How do I start a Hedge Fund?

A: Contact us at info@myforexfund.com

Q: What does "Private Placement" mean?

A: A "Private Placement" is a direct offering of securities to a limited number of sophisticated institutional investors. It is the opposite of a public offering. Securities issued as private placements in the United States are exempt from public registration under the Securities Act of 1933.

A well-written private placement memorandum will follow the cover page with a summary of the offering. This section corresponds to a term sheet, except that the language is usually spelled out, not abbreviated. The important points are covered briefly: a description of the terms of the offering, the company's business, risk factors, additional terms (i.e., antidilution protection, registration rights, control features), expenses of the transaction and summary financial information. The purpose of the summary is to make the offering easy to read and understand. As stated, suppliers of capital are inundated with business plans and private placement memoranda; the sales-conscious issuer must get all the salient facts in as conspicuous a position as possible if he hopes to have them noticed.

Private Placements can only be sold to certain sophisticated investors. In the U.S. these are called accredited investors, and they are defined in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's requirements for a Reg. D offering.

Q: How can I Market my Hedge Fund?

A: Rule 502(C) of Regulation D prohibits any form of general solicitation or advertising. As a rule, the interests in your Spot FOREX Hedge Fund may sold by Officers of the Management LLC to those persons with whom said Officers have a prior relationship.

Q: What about Marketing via a Fund Website?

A: Yes and No. Rule 502(C) of Regulation D prohibits any form of general advertising. However, if the website is only accessible, via "secure login", to "Accredited Investors" and contains a few other Disclosures, it is possible to design a website that will comply with the prohibitions against general solicitation or advertising.

Q: Any limits to the amount of money my Hedge Fund can manage?

A: No.

Q: Any limits to the Management or Incentive Fees that I can charge?

A: No.

Q: How do I get started again?

A: Contact us at info@myforexfund.com

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